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~ Mortgage banking problems and the Price of Gold.

~ Error Dollar - Washington Presidential Dollar Error Coin - where to buy one.

~ "It Ain't Nearly Over"- Survival Plan in a Depression - click to read
~ Where to buy the first Presidential George Washington Dollars
- visit site

~ Presidential $1 coins released by US government Mint in 2007     - press release

~ New Law to forbid the melting of Pennies and Nickels - press release

~ Presidential Spouses Gold coins to be issued by the United States Mint in 2007

  - press release

~ Pictures of new Presidential Wives - First Spouses gold coins announced     - see images 

~ US Mint coins and sets minted in 2007.  See mint production schedule and plans.

~ Mintage figures and scarcity of American Silver Eagles, Gold Eagle coins, and Platinum US coins.


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Coin collecting & Investing Articles:

The Man Who "Loved Silver Dollars"  or "The Secret Silver Dollar Hoard" - click here

                                  Two page article


 "It Ain't Nearly Over"

 -So Says Bob Prechter, But He Maps Out Survival Plan In Book  

 This article was taken from an interview with Bob Prechter, author of Conquer the Crash: You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression". Conducted by veteran interviewer Kathryn M. Welling, formerly of Barron’s.

What is a proof coin?


The Continental Currency

   This informative multi-page article details the devaluation of our nation's currency during the Revolutionary war (1776).  It was written almost a century after the Revolutionary war (in 1863) when the United States was again facing another war crises, the Civil War. 

    The author attempts to make readers aware of: what happened to continental paper money during the Revolutionary War, the paper money devaluation and inflation, and the disappearance of hard money (gold and silver).  By reviewing the historical facts of how continental currency became worthless, the reader can come to the same conclusion: "caution should be used when printing (un-backed) paper money". 

    Page 3 of the article shows how much (unbacked) paper money was produced during the Revolutionary War years and page 5 shows the inflation/devaluation rate.


"Conquer the Crash, provides a wealth of self help do's and don'ts. Now a #1 Best seller." 






1 - " What is a Troy Ounce? "    (click here to read the article)

2 - " E-gold, how to purchase gold electronically "  (click here to read the article)

3 - " What is a Proof coin? "  (click here to read the article) 

4 - " The Secret Stash of Silver Dollars: True story about the Lavere

        Redfield hoard "  (click here to read the article) 

5 - " What is so great about Platinum? "  (click here to read the article)    

6 - " Investing in Gold and Precious metals "(click here to read the article)   

7 - " Phishing - how to protect yourself from email scams " (click here to read the article)   

8 - " Louisianna Purchase 2004 nickels - Peace Medal and

        Keel Boat design  (click here to read about them)

9 - " What is PCGS - the Professional Coin Grading Service? "  (click here to read about it)

10- " What is NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation "  (click here to read about it)

11- " When does Deflation Occur? " (click here to read 2 part article) 

12- " The Elliott Wave Theory - movement of the markets "  (click here to read the article)

13 - " More about the Elliott Wave Theory"  (click here to read the article)

14 - " The Coming Economic Crash - by Robert Precter "  (click here to read the article)

15 - " Postage Stamp Currency - 1862 civil war article "  (click here to read the article)

16 - "Continental Currency of the United States" - Revolutionary war paper money inflation and devaluation - 1863 civil war article  (click here to read) 

17 - "American Gold Eagles and Silver Eagle (Uncirculated) Coins Mintages and Sales Figures"  (Click here to visit the page)

18. - " American Gold Eagles and US Silver Eagle Proof Coins Mintages and Sales Figures"  (Click here to visit the page)

19. - " Susan B. Anthony coin and Sacagewea golden US dollar coin mintages and production numbers"  (Click here to view the page)

20.- "Chinese PANDA Bear gold coin mintages and production numbers"   (Click here to view the page)

21. - " United States Proof coin and Mint SET production figures and mintages"   (Click here to view the information)

22. - " US 50 State Statehood Quarter production figures and coin mintage Tables"   (Click here to view the table) 

23. - " All about the Chinese New Year - What Chinese Lunar (Zodiac) Animal Year was it When You Were Born?"    (Click here to read about it)

24.  - " Kangaroo nugget Australia gold coin mintages and information."  (Click here to read)

25. -  " Kookaburra Australian Silver coins mintages and specifications."   (Click here to read.)

26. -  " Chinese year of the Animal - Australia Lunar Series Silver coins facts and mintages."  (click here to read)

27. - " Facts about Australia GOLD LUNAR COINS depicting designs of the Chinese lunar calendar."  (click here for facts)

28. - "Monetary Episodes from History", including:

  • The monetary cycle

  • Ionia - Riches without strength [700BC]

  • Sparta - Gold prohibition in a collapsing economy [600BC]

  • The Carthaginian national state lottery [450BC]

  • Byzantium - Early fiscal indiscipline [410BC]

  • Athens - Housing the Gods (on borrowed money) [500 - 300BC]

  • Rome - Monetary expansion & republican militarism [200BC]

  • Chinese credit derivatives after Genghis Khan [1200AD]

  • John Law - The Royal Bank of France [1716AD]

  • Why Sweden’s central banker was beheaded [1719AD]

  • The US greenback [1870AD]

  • The Weimar inflation in Germany [1923AD]

  • What can we learn ?

  • Gold at the junction of monetary systems

  • Gold as a money of choice 

  • 29.  "Fiat Money Inflation in France" - Inflation of France's paper money during the 1700's.  (click here to read)


    The United States Government mint's 2007 coins

     and when they will be released.




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