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Buy gold online bullion vault - quickly, safely and at low prices

An alternative to e-gold. Trade online, in amounts as small as $20 at a time.                     


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" E-gold is gold itself, circulated's the ultimate worldwide free market currency.   You can use it to make purchases, save it, or sell it.   It's a way of converting some of your "paper money" into gold, silver, or platinum ...... and still be able to use it as you need to.   Check it out at the links below. "  


Create a no-obligation e-gold account

  Receive it - send it - keep it! 


Same account can keep your assets in gold, silver, and platinum.  No minimum to add or transfer. 



Create a no-obligation e-gold account

Click here to sign up or check it out!


Note:  In 2008 E-gold stopped trading while they reformulate their business and processes.  See the e-gold website for more information.


Here is what E-Gold says about their Company:


E-gold is...... is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.

Other e-metals are also available in the same account:  e-silver is 100% backed by silver, e-platinum is 100% backed by platinum, and e-palladium is 100% backed by palladium.  However, the most popular e-metal (by an overwhelming margin) is e-gold.

e-gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money.  Specifically, the e-gold payment system enables people to Spend specified weights of gold to other e-gold accounts.  Only the ownership changes - the gold in the treasury grade vault stays put.

E-Gold  -

Opening an e-gold account is FREE.  Click Here.

E-gold's costs are very very small when sending metals to someone's else's account, or when switching between metals in your own account. A very small secure storage fee is deducted from your holdings monthly.  See their website for details - Click Here.


Pursuant to the e-gold agreement, the physical bullion that comprises the value backing e-gold must be insulated from physical, legal and political risks. Title is held by "The e-gold Bullion Reserve Special Purpose Trust" that exists for the express purpose of holding bullion for the exclusive benefit of all e-gold account holders collectively. The bullion is held in the form of certified good delivery bars in allocated storage at repositories certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Metal is held free of any lien or encumbrance whatsoever and explicitly may not be attached to any liabilities of e-gold Ltd. or any other entity. No metal may be removed from storage or any other disposition made without the signatures of both e-gold Ltd. and a third party escrow agent of good reputation.

Buy gold online bullion vault - quickly, safely and at low prices

An alternative to e-gold. Trade online, in amounts as small as $20 at a time.




Internet Safety Tips

 When you have an account that requires a log-in and password.  NEVER, under any circumstances

  • share your E-gold "password" with anyone. 

  • click on a link found in an email from what appears to be e-gold or any other log-in website such as e-bay, BullionVault, Paypal, E-Trade, or bank accounts. Fraudulent individuals send out spam emails that look like they are from a reputable company.   Such emails are designed to steal your password and the funds in your account.  Their intent is to try to get you to click on the link found in the email and then enter your password on a bogus web site.  The email link takes you to a webpage that is set up to look like the real company, but is somewhere overseas.  Such emails may appear to be from a legitimate company such as e-gold, paypal, or a stock trading company, but in reality is some fly-by-night overseas site.  Often these emails will say that the company has "some kind of problem with your account and you need to log-in to your account to correct it".  If you really feel you must log-in to your account, go directly to the company's web site using your browser. (For your safety, we strongly suggest you never click on a link in an email and then sign-in.)

Avoid the above problems by making it a habit of going directly to the company's website whenever you log-in.

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Disclaimer:   We are not part of e-gold and are not investment advisors.  This does not constitute

a recommendation to buy or sell or place money in an e-gold account.  As with all investments, purchasing/selling e-gold, or any other products  for that matter, is done so at your own risk.  

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Trade online, in amounts as small as $20 at a time.

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